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    Adding ARM configuration gives 'Program "" not found in PATH'


      I'm developing a multi-platform project. To begin with, I'm using the standard GNU toolchain to test on my windows host processor. Now that that is working, I want to add ARM configurations and build for those platforms. When I do that, I get the message 'Program "" not found in PATH', making me think that it doesn't have definitions for cross_prefix, cross_cpp and cross_suffx.


      If I create a new project and start out with an ARM configuration, it builds just fine. What do I need to tweak to get the additional configuration on my project to build? I've poked around the .cproject, .project and various .metadata files and haven't found anything significantly different between the existing project with the added configuration and the new project. I suppose that I can just enter the appropriate string into the Settings "Command" box, but I prefer not to mess with that if I can avoid it.

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          so you are trying to create a project with several build configurations, some for ARM and some for other compiler?


          this should be possible, but it is quite tedious. I suggest you do not create the build configurations from scratch, but import them from a functional project.

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              You are correct, I'm trying to make a project with multiple target configurations.


              I don't understand why you say what I'm trying to do would be tedious -- as far as I know, the process of adding a new configuration vs importing one is the same.

              1) Go to Build Configurations->Manage...

              2) Select "New"

              3) Either:

                  a) Import from projects and select an existing ARM configuration

                  b) Import from predefined and select the appropriate ARM configuration


              I did 3b and it seems to have set up the same configuration as I have in a fresh ARM project; the only difference is the behavior of ${cross_prefix}${cross_cpp}${cross_suffix}.


              I did try 3a and that seems to have worked, so I can move forward.