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    Need help with E14  Beaglebone  4.3  LCD  Display


      I  am  having  trouble  flashing  the  Beaglebone  Black  Wireless eMMC  with  the  image  file  provided for  the  E14 Beaglebone  4.3  LCD  Display.



      README - 4.3 LCD Display Cape for Beaglebone Black


      4.3 LCD Display Cape for Beaglebone Board (White, Black, or Wireless)



      I have  followed  the  instructions  for  flashing  the  eMMC but it's  not  working.


      The  LED status lights  on the  BeagleBone  Black  W blink for  a  few seconds  and  go out. The  micro  SD status  light  remains  on constant after attempt  to  flash.


      I can't figure  this  out. Beginning to  regret  the  purchase  of  this  Display.

      The  first  one  arrived  damaged, had to  wait  for  a  replacement .


      Now on day two  of  trying  to  get  this  display  to  work  with  the  Beaglebone  Black  W.


      The image will boot from microSD and display will work.


      I need to flash the eMMC with this image.


      So far unsuccessful


      It seems  the   image  is not   compatible  with  the  BBB Wireless.


      When   checking   available   services  with   " connmanctl  technologies   ", ethernet   and gadget   were   listed   but   not   Bluetooth  and   wifi .


      This image   seems  to  be  only  compatible  with  the   Beaglebone  Black  and   not   the   Beaglebone  Black  Wireless .


      Is there  any  one  who  might  be  able  to  assist  with  finding  a  solution  to  this  problem?