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    Need help with E14  Beaglebone  4.3  LCD  Display


      I  am  having  trouble  flashing  the  Beaglebone  Black  Wireless eMMC  with  the  image  file  provided for  the  E14 Beaglebone  4.3  LCD  Display.



      README - 4.3 LCD Display Cape for Beaglebone Black


      4.3 LCD Display Cape for Beaglebone Board (White, Black, or Wireless)



      I have  followed  the  instructions  for  flashing  the  eMMC but it's  not  working.


      The  LED status lights  on the  BeagleBone  Black  W blink for  a  few seconds  and  go out. The  micro  SD status  light  remains  on constant after attempt  to  flash.


      I can't figure  this  out. Beginning to  regret  the  purchase  of  this  Display.

      The  first  one  arrived  damaged, had to  wait  for  a  replacement .


      Now on day two  of  trying  to  get  this  display  to  work  with  the  Beaglebone  Black  W.


      The image will boot from microSD and display will work.


      I need to flash the eMMC with this image.


      So far unsuccessful


      It seems  the   image  is not   compatible  with  the  BBB Wireless.


      When   checking   available   services  with   " connmanctl  technologies   ", ethernet   and gadget   were   listed   but   not   Bluetooth  and   wifi .


      This image   seems  to  be  only  compatible  with  the   Beaglebone  Black  and   not   the   Beaglebone  Black  Wireless .


      Is there  any  one  who  might  be  able  to  assist  with  finding  a  solution  to  this  problem?

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          I don't have the wireless version, but I too had issues getting the image to transfer to the eMMC.  What I finally found was that the image that has the bbcape43 support has the eMMC disabled.

          So in /boot/uEnv.txt make sure that the folllowing two lines are NOT commented out:


          ##BeagleBone Black: HDMI (Audio/Video) disabled:





          ##enable Generic eMMC Flasher:



          The first one enables the eMMC the second one enables the auto copy.  The blue LEDs should go into a night rider mode after 20 seconds or so to indicate thtat the copy is in progress.

          No button presses were required, just insert the SD card then power on.





          These are the steps in order, just to be clear:

          1) boot using the SD image that has bbcape43 support.

          2) do the above edits (this will modify the SD card)

          3) reboot

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              The main issue is that this bbcape43 image does not support the onboard wifi chip of the BBB Wireless.



              You are correct in enabling the eMMC flash process. This is helpful.


              The image is not compatible with the BBB Wireless. No matter what I do it only shows ethernet and usb host as available onboard resources. Wireless and Bluetooth work properly with the official Beagleboard Debian image with desktop and smaller iot image. I will have to try these images with the display attached.


              Hopefully the bbcape43 image will be updated in future for support of the Wireless and Bluetooth capabilities of the BBB Wireless.


              If the official Beagleboard image does not work then I might have to purchase a BBB for use with this display.


              Thanks for suggestion.

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              Hi Trent,


              Just by coincidence I was trying to put an image on the BBB Wireless a few nights ago. I don't have a display, so in my case I was using the images on the beagleboard website. Out of curiosity just now I checked and it appears to have a 'device tree' fragment file called BB-CAPE-DISP-CT4-00A0.dtbo, and this name appears in one of the comments here: README - 4.3 LCD Display Cape for Beaglebone Black   so I'm wondering if you might not need the specific image that is advertised for the cape, and instead the standard image could be used.

              To activate that device tree fragment, the command line (as root user) will be something like:

              echo BB-CAPE-DISP-CT4 > /sys/devices/platform/bone_capemgr/slots

              I don't know if anything more would be needed though. But it could be worth a try. You probably will also  need to use that command to disable the HDMI that Aaron mentions above too I guess.

              Also, incidentally, for the recent images, it would be worth just running from microSD and not eMMC, because they consume nearly the entire eMMC, not leaving much space for applications and updates. I found that out by accidentally filling up and the shell going crazy and having no bytes left to even delete files : )

              Also, things have changed for the past few releases, and now when you burn the image onto the SD card, it will no longer be readable on the PC, and it will seem as if the burn operation failed. But it will work.

              This really caught me out, because it isn't described anywhere that the image format has recently changed.


              Also some (nearly all) online documentation/blog posts about the device tree mention a path like /sys/devices/bone_capemgr/... but it looks like about a year ago, it changed, to /sys/devices/platform/bone_capemgr/.. which isn't great, since it means everyone's documentation is now incorrect : ( I wish they'd kept a link to the old path in the newer images : (

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                Beagle bone LCD cape has the device EEPROM which tells the Bone at boot to select the proper dTO files, is the EEProm intact? or may be the dot is not configured .


                GS GILL

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                  The Debian 9.1 2017-08-31 4GB SD LXQT Desktop image available at Beagleboard is confirmed working properly with the Beaglebone LCD Display Cape.


                  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are detected.Beaglebone Black Wireless with LCD Display Cape

                  Beaglebone Black Wireless with LCD Display Cape

                  Chromium Desktop works.


                  Beaglebone Black Wireless with LCD Display Cape


                  Beaglebone Black Wireless with the LCD Cape.


                  Everything seems to be in working order.


                  I would really like to thank everyone for the help.



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                      What did you do to get the LCD working on Stretch?  I just tried 9.3 and with my cape set to address 0 and 3 I do not get the LCD to come up.

                      I checked the slot file and it is there the same as it is in Jessie.

                      The uEnv.txt file looks completely different on Stretch and I haven't made much headway in figuring out if something needs changing in there, it all seems to be "auto".  But it isn't "autoing".




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                      I spoke too soon. Selecting Shutdown caused infinite loop of reboots.

                      Same with " sudo shutdown -h now ".

                      Holding Power button down is only way to power off now.

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                        This is still an issue with the debian with full desktop image. When 5V is supplied to the barrel jack, the BBB W will get stuck in shutdown loop. When 5V is supplied to the microUSB, shutdown will occur normally but there is some 1Hz screen flicker on the LCD after the unit is powered down. The only solution I have been able to come up with is to hold the power button down when the shutdown loop has begun.


                        It seems the best option is not to power down the unit. I wish I had a BBB (non-wifi) to see if this problem is experienced with the older Beaglebone. This display cape came out before the BBB W was created. No issues like this have been experienced with either of the debian images and the BBB W in a headless(without cape) configuration.


                        I have also noticed a glitch when the system goes into sleep state from lack of activity. Normally the screen blanker will kick in just the same as a screensaver would, only when it does, vertical lines appear on the left side of screen where the previous text was entered. When activity is again detected, the screen immediately returns to normal.


                        There is a photo of this on my Bone Commander project blog.