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    Looking a for Facial Recognition Hardware Tester!


      Hello everyone,


      Well... I have a treat for you today!


      We have been approached by OMRON to help them look for someone to build a project and write about using their HVC system.

      HVC stands for Human Vision Components, which is a OKAO image / human / face recognition system with all the processing on board that communicates its findings via UART.


      The board and camera set has detection and processing on board for:

      • Face Detection
      • Face Recognition
      • Gender Estimation
      • Age Estimation
      • Expression Estimation
      • Facial Pose Estimation
      • Gaze Estimation
      • Blink Estimation
      • Hand Detection
      • Human Body Detection



      Product Link:

      B5T-007001-010 OMRON ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS, Sensor, Image Recognition, Human Vision Components, 50 Degree, 1600 x 1200 P…


      Technical PDF with features and interfacing:



      OMRON have one board up for grabs and a pot of money for a fee for some one that can:


      • Take the product through its paces.
      • Build a test project with it.
      • Blog about it on the element14 community.
      • Demonstrate its 10 Functions.
      • Interact with it via UART as party of a project.
      • Interact with the product using USB and the SDK in a Windows Operating system environment. (The product prefers Windows 7)


      Person Spec

      Do you think you can handle this product?

      Would you like to own this product for free?

      Can you write an interesting blog with rich media?

      Would you like to be paid a set fee for all this?

      Do you have experience with UART?

      Can you building and documenting projects?

      Do you have experience on Windows 7 for installing the GUI SDK?


      If you answered yes to all of these questions I would love for you to comment below about what your plans would be if they were to send you the product. :-)


      Super Small Print. Payment would be after completion of the Blog(s) and at the discretion of OMRON, this is an external exchange between omron and the engineer and subject to their terms.