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    Looking a for Facial Recognition Hardware Tester!



      UPDATE Feb 2019:
      This first ran last year and I have just received another HVC if people would like to pitch an idea!

      -Phil  ------------------------------------------------------------


      Hello everyone,


      Well... I have a treat for you today!


      We have been approached by OMRON to help them look for someone to build a project and write about using their HVC system.

      HVC stands for Human Vision Components, which is a OKAO image / human / face recognition system with all the processing on board that communicates its findings via UART.


      The board and camera set has detection and processing on board for:

      • Face Detection
      • Face Recognition
      • Gender Estimation
      • Age Estimation
      • Expression Estimation
      • Facial Pose Estimation
      • Gaze Estimation
      • Blink Estimation
      • Hand Detection
      • Human Body Detection



      Product Link:

      B5T-007001-010 OMRON ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS, Sensor, Image Recognition, Human Vision Components, 50 Degree, 1600 x 1200 P…


      Technical PDF with features and interfacing:



      OMRON have one board up for grabs and a pot of money for a fee for some one that can:


      • Take the product through its paces.
      • Build a test project with it.
      • Blog about it on the element14 community.
      • Demonstrate its 10 Functions.
      • Interact with it via UART as party of a project.
      • Interact with the product using USB and the SDK in a Windows Operating system environment. (The product prefers Windows 7)


      Person Spec

      Do you think you can handle this product?

      Would you like to own this product for free?

      Can you write an interesting blog with rich media?

      Would you like to be paid a set fee for all this?

      Do you have experience with UART?

      Can you building and documenting projects?

      Do you have experience on Windows 7 for installing the GUI SDK?


      If you answered yes to all of these questions I would love for you to comment below about what your plans would be if they were to send you the product. :-)


      Super Small Print. Payment would be after completion of the Blog(s) and at the discretion of OMRON, this is an external exchange between omron and the engineer and subject to their terms.

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          Wow, this board looks amazing.  I've done some work with OpenCV where I created a small system for facial detection / recognition then give a confidence reading and its no wheres near what this board can do by itself.  The fact the board does ten different functions and its all builtin would cut down a lot of work. From the information I could find it looks like you have access to it all functions just by sending commands and receiving data though the UART or USB which makes me wonder why you need to use a Window OS. 


          Is the need for a windows environment because of the sdk? Or is it more for ease of installing and managing the image database?


          Also something I wasn't sure about is are you looking for more of a hardware project where you would create a device to connect to the board and preform some actions based on features detected like unlock a car door and if authorized allow starting of the car?

          or a software project where you can make a decision based on the features detected send an alerts to someones phone?




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            I just recently got into making projects with face detection and would say the resolution on this would be better then what I am using right now.

            I would use it more for home security and or for facial recognition for other applications with facial recognition with using something of a higher quality face mapping and detection ticks twitches and other things could be use for interrogation methods in real time would be cool to play with in a conversation.  Basically with a unit like this would mean projects would come to life better and be able to distinguish between items and features with more ease and less false positives which would be awesome.

            To be honest given the change I would love to rip through a bunch of different projects and see how it preforms vs other cameras and devices as well as pushing the application of "quality control" in image use.  currently working on a setup with a 360 degree tracker which would be interesting to use as a poi addition to it.

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              Is this still available?  I have a project but wouldn't want to write it up if the opportunity has closed.



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                  Hey fpobdoc I have another one land on my desk today if you are interested in pitching it!

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                      Sure, would love to help out.  What do you need from me to move forward?

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                          Id love to hear your idea and experience. We are making sure we get a few pitches for uses, We know it works with Raspberry Pi too, so that would be a preferred benefit. 


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                              I've got three ideas, in order of difficulty:

                              • I teach in a post-graduate setting in which we would like to monitor attendance.  I've tried a number of options, such as RFID, fingerprint ID, etc.  I would be interested in trying the facial recognition as a way to track individual attendance.
                              • In this setting, we have a public area with public service (health) materials.  I would be interested in customizing the materials to the audience, by having the system detect age, gender, number of people, etc.
                              • Although this one would require IRB approval and patient consent, it would be fascinating to have this device analyze people's appearance (age, gender, expression, gaze, pose, etc) and then see if we can establish correlations with their actual age, stated gender, and medical problems.  I would be most interested to see if the results were to show an ability to detect certain issues.  For example, would this device have the sensitivity to identify depression through a combination of gaze, pose, and expression?

                              Given the varying levels of difficulty, I would not promise that I could complete all three.  Rather, I would work in that direction and see where it goes.

                              What do you think?

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                        Hi Phil,

                        I'm new to this community, I joined for eagle library needs and stumbled upon your post.

                        This omron product seems to be amazing and as a Fab Lab and coworking manager we have plenty of projects to prototype with it.

                        Previously we developed a project in opencv that consisted in a dummy ( manikin ) with servos in the head that basically keep staring people passing by.

                        It was placed in a shop window and people had a lot of fun!

                        For us it would be worth to extend the functionalities with some kind of reaction based on people expressions

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                          Hi Phil,


                          I am a researcher in Robotics. Since the past few years, I have been working on various projects that involve autonomous systems, embedded systems and computer vision. So far I have only been working with Rpi cameras and USB cameras for computer vision applications. Just came across the HVC system which could be used for such kind of applications. I am curious to integrate this into one of my ongoing projects which involves image processing using Raspberry Pi and Rpi cam. I am doubly excited to find that this HVC system has inbuilt processing capability and works with Rpi too. It will take much of the processing load from the raspberry allowing it to run other critical tasks. Let me know if a piece is available for testing.


                          The following are already a part of my project requirement.

                          • Face Detection
                          • Face Recognition
                          • Facial Pose Estimation
                          • Hand Detection
                          • Human Body Detection


                          Nevertheless, I will be happy to include the remaining part too. I can also include the results in my project pages or as a separate review of the product itself.


                          Thanks and regards,


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                            Hello Phil,


                            This is Swapnil from India.I'm a computer engineering student have been working with it and various modules for the past 3 years and also have past experience with image processing and facial recognition. I have also worked for a national level hackathon ie. Smart India Hackathon and am also participating this year. Your product looks pretty dope and would love to develop something out of it and do society some good and helpful.....giving me an opportunity won't make you regret and also help me learn new things!!!



                            Swapnil Undage


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                              I would make it a facial lock for my bedroom

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                                I would love to build and demonstrate usage of such great device in the vehicle. One set up would be drowsiness detection in attempt to keep the driver safe and awake, second would be an interesting approach on security of the vehicle using facial recognition. Other, use cases could also be control of the radio based on the user facial expression, if the driver seems mad maybe play some relaxing music.