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    "Find similar object" feature


      I’ve been using Altium, and Protel before
      that, every day for about 20 years. I’m retiring shortly and have purchased
      Circuit Studio for home use and consulting. I am pleased with my purchase decision.


      One feature I’ve come to depend on in
      Altium Designer is the “Find Similar Object”.


      While upgrading some older Altium designs,
      I needed to update schematic symbol parameters parts to reflect SMT footprints vs thru-hole
      footprints. I found that I needed to manually select many parts across
      multiple pages in order to make use of the schematic Inspector, which then allowed editing
      the desired parameters. I’ll need to do this again to upgrade part numbers,
      etc. Very tedious.


      Please add the “Find Similar Object”
      feature to Circuit Studio.

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          Many thanks for your suggestion, this is a very popular request that we have received several others. We have passed it on to Altium requesting them to consider this feature for a future release.

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              Please add the “Find Similar Object”

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                I'm digging up this old thread to prod the sleeping beast.


                This would be a very useful feature in schematic and pcb layout.

                If there were only one new feature added to CS in 2019 I would be happy if it was this.


                Any chance?

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                    If you have a board with several hundred vias with several different hole sizes, how do you select just the vias with 0.4 mm holes?


                    How do you select only track segments that are 0.15mm wide?


                    How do you select all resistors on a schematic that are 470R?


                    AFAIK in CS the only way is to select them manually!

                    The filters in CS are useful but only allow selection by object type and not by object parameters.


                    The Select command has some useful methods but I can't see them all in the search results - maybe there is something in there?

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                        It would be a manual job to select based on your criteria. Altium do have the Find Similar feature request logged as a suggestion (by several people) so we can only hope they are willing to add as it would be popular.

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                            I have some hope that Find Similar Objects will be implemented in a future version of CS.


                            I the meantime, CS Filters could be made much more useful with some small changes:


                            (1) The "Text" Selection Filter (on the home ribbon) allows selection of individual designators but does not allow you to group select (click and drag over several components). I think this is a bug rather than an intentionally missing feature. Please allow click-drag group selection of designators with the Text filter.


                            (2) Add a feature to the Filter tool which allows group selection of objects by some basic parameters.

                            e.g. For PCB tracks "width". For vias "hole size".

                            These basic parameters could be added as column(s) in the PCB Filter results (see below), thus allowing objects such as vias to be sorted by hole size and group selected (by multi-select in the Filter 'Highlighted Objects view').


                            One of the column headings (highlighted above in yellow) could perhaps be a drop-down list of sortable parameters for that object type.


                            Note the above screenshot text highlighted in red "64 objects are passed the filter" should say "5 objects have passed the filter" because I have selected 5 in the Highlighted Objects list view. Small bug fix required.

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                      I apologise in advance for being a bit of a knob but....

                      I'm gonna keep bumping this thread because I think its important.

                      I hope that someone from Altium will read it and take note.

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                        Not the same as Altium but I have used PCB inspector (in the PCB editor) as a "filter" rather than a "finder" after selecting all objects in a design. Navigate to the PCB inspector and then select all (Ctrl+A), then filter the type of object you wish to work on, you can then adjust a single parameter of the specified object. For instance, "I want to adjust all traces on the tope layer to have a width of 0.5mm", after the design has been laid out. You can do this by selecting all objects in the design and filtering by "include only" in the PCB Inspector and then adjusting the width parameter in the PCB Inspector.


                        SCH Inspector looks similar although not as easy to navigate as Altium.