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    BeagleBone Black and Mikrobus Cape


      Good day all --

      I would simply like to apologize up front if this is done incorrectly or shouldn't be asked at all, especially in this area and this way. BUT here goes

      I am incredibly new to BBB, so even newer to the Mikrobus family of products. I have the following:

      -- BBB

      -- Mikrobus Cape for the BBB

      -- Mikrobus Motor 2 Click

      -- Simple DC Motor


      I have scavenged every where, and know from the postings and Dr. Google that E14 is the place to get answers, if answers can be had at all.


      Can anyone point me to some How-To on getting the Cape and the Motor 2 click programmed and working to simply turn the motor on for 6 seconds and then stop. That is all I want it to do initially, but I cannot find any examples on even communicating with the Cape-DC Click-Motor. On the "lib" site, there is an example of the Motor 2 Click, but it is for their development board and has nothing to do with BBB.


      I am looking for something that is just black and white and simple to do, as I am new to this.


      Again, I do apologize if I stated anything that just shouldn't be said on this website, or posted incorrectly. I have had the products for a month now, and just cannot figure out how to put it all together and make it work.


      Thank you for reading my post, and I look forward to hear back from everyone, even if it is to flame me, LOL