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    3D Printing Software


      Does anyone have any experience with 3D printing software SelfCAD. My class has been using Tinkercad and need something with sculpting and dimensions. Its all free for Class's and browser based which will allow me to get it on all of our computers without calling IT

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          Stay away from selfcad I was approached by them when they were first launching. They wanted me to do tutorials for them and review their product. After getting the software and playing with it and dealing with them. The end reult was me not doing anything for them and removing the software. If for educational purposes there is a ton of software out there you can apply for school use and would suggest anything over self cad.  So look into the more popular programs for educational versions.  I just work up need my coffee but let me know if you need help I can certainly help you out finding alteratives to that garbage.

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            @Mike, as a student I have 5 weeks of experience with SelfCAD and sincerely speaking this software is amazing. Before I was using Tinkercad but once I landed in this software I have never turned back. Has advanced tools that alllows you sculpt any model that you have in mind. Just to mention a few of these tools, there is the ImageGenerator which allows  you to create a printable 3D model easily with any image no matter how advanced it is, check more details here : https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=selfcad+imagegenerator

            There is also the Magic Fix tool that allows you fix your model for preparation for printing check it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIlNCSi6WXI .  I followed their video and I produced these.


            Additionally, I like selfCAD because it has a built-in slicer which allows you to model without needing any additional software which can be hard to handle if you are in a classroom, this property is not found in Tinkercad check the properties of their slicer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZFd_f3Lx0I . Moreover, with SelfCAD's tools you can create advanced models and print them very easily. You can  master this software in five hours only unlike the other software which are complex and highly demanding.

            I found out also that they have partnered with Myminifactory which have more than 30,000 models in which you can simply download them (while still in SelfCAD) and print them and you can also upload your finished models to this.


            I came across this: https://www.blog.selfcad.com/single-post/tinkercad-vs-selfcad-two-great-best-ways-to-start-3d-printing can be great help to distinguish SelfCAD from Tinkercad.

            Check their tutorials here : https://www.youtube.com/selfcad they really helped me so much when I began.

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