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    New Nintendo 2DSXL TV (mod)


      With the 3DS on it's way out, why is Nintendo not working on or releasing a home based 3DS system. The PSVita TV is great and makes PSVita games look even greater on the big screen. Nintendo is missing out on a fortune by not going this route. Even the special themes and seeing the Nintendo Badge Arcade's decorations on the big screen would just look cool too me. Ben Heck please be our guide and show us how to mod the 3DS into a home console. You may need to buy 2 3DS' for extra parts and if the project 3DS breaks.At the end I hope it might look something like the PSVita TV with an HDMI out soddered in the 3DS, I also think it would be cool if the cartridge slot can be moved to the top instead of in the back.