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      Im trying to repair my Enterprise-D starship toy from the early 90's. The nacells will not light up. I replaced the capacitor and the sound is working properly but still no lights when button is pressed.


      When I use my tweezers to jump the directly to the lines going to the nacells, they light up when buttons are pressed. Jumping the ,  bypasses the S8550 transistor. The 2 green wires are the positive wires leading to the nacells. Which are on the emitter side of S8550, i assumed it's the emitter side of the transistor.


      I've traced the pins on both transistors and i have no idea about transistors and included photos of the markings on the transistors.



      - pin 1: on the trace to the nacells

      - pin 2: on trace to ground

      - pin 3: on the trace to



      - pin 1: on the trace to ,  shared with pin 3 of S8550.

      - pin 2: on the trace to chip

      - pin 3: on the trace to ground, shared with pin2 of S8550.


      I've colored the solder points of the 2 transistors to show where they are located if that helps, i dont know. S8550 red marker points, S8050 black marker points. The far right black marked solder point is pin 1 S8050, which follows up around to the left of the board to the far left red marked solder point, pin 3 S8550.


      Im just trying my best to disply them in case it will help you. Im very confused about what transistors to order, i want to just replace them both and be done with it but the pins are soldered differently and its confused me.


      Do I need PNP or NPN? what voltage rating should I use? 40v 0.5A or 24v 1.5A?


      If anyone can help so I can get my Enterprise-D working again, i'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much!