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    Net labels not linking on bus?


      Is this a bug or have I missed something?

      I have led drivers all feeding into a bus (right below).

      To save clutter on the diagram I used net labels to link some of them rather that draw wires (LED13-15, 19,20)

      When I compiled the diagram these labels at the bus (not the component) were reported as 'Floating' (all the others were OK).

      I have edited them, deleted and re-created them, altered the wire to make the label horizontal and not vertical,

      ensured the label is connected at the very end of the wire (got caught on that one elsewhere) but nothing changes.


      If I draw a wire between them (as shown for LED13) then that one is no longer floating.

      I don't get the same problem with other net label connections in the diagram: SCL, SCA connect to a harness OK, VSense also connects to its port.

      The only conclusion I can draw is that the net labels are not connecting the bus to the device?

      Any ideas why?

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          Hi Vincent. You do have nets that are technically floating, a bus is generally just a graphical device and so nets like LED15 at the bus do not have any electrical purpose. You can turn off reporting for these floating net labels under Project > Project Options > Error Reporting and set Floating Net Labels to No Report.

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              Hi Peter

              Does that mean that just having the label LED14 at the device will mean that it is automatically part of the LED[1..20] bus by virtue of its sharing the same base name 'LED' and being within range?


              By the way, the software is running very well on Window10 via VMWare on a Linux host. I did have to make sure that hardware virtualisation was switched on on VMware and disable some parts of the antivirus on Windows (Bitdefender) which checks all write accesses in case of ransomware etc.(perhaps it just needs configuring) and that slowed it down to an absolute crawl.




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                  Hi Vincent

                  Sounds like good work on the hardware setup and finding the settings that needed tweaking, hopefully this will be helpful to others.

                  My understanding on net labels is that anything on the same sheet with the same name is connected. It gets more complicated once you have multiple sheets because the connectivity then becomes port based unless you have set to option to have global net labels.

                  Regards, Peter.

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