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    full power supply and test box


      What do you guys think about the analog discovery 2?

      I already use one for school and I was thinking to use it and a pc stick to make a self contained scope, power supply, i/o, network tester all that stuff.

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          For similar money you could buy:


          PICOSCOPE 2205A MSO PICO TECHNOLOGY, USB Oscilloscope, Digital Triggering, PicoScope 2000 Series, 2+16 Channel, 25 MHz, …


          With proper connectors, scope probes etc.


          If you have access to the Analog Discovery 2 you can compare software support for Pico and Digilent. It depends a bit what you want to do, I think the AD2 is documented to make the FPGA hacakable, this certainly isn't the case with a Picoscope.


          I don't think the built in power supply is worth anything at all, (they use switchers so will be noisy).


          The buffer sizes in the AD2 are tiny (16k) almost no use at all for a logic analyser and not much good for the scope - the Pico offers more but still only 48k - which is not enough. The Pico 2206B gets you to 32Msamples buffers but it's £429 instead of £319.


          My advice is that if you really need a logic analyser then think again about the AD2, if you want to play with the works of it - then it's great.


          All in one boxes are getting popular but my experience is that they don't really deliver - even quite pricey scopes embed pretty duff signal generators, some of the embedded logic analysers are quite good.


          SInce I've been banging Pico's drum a bit here I should point out that 1) I have no connection with them and 2) there are several other suppliers of PC based USB scopes.