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    Battery Vs Super Capacitor


      Hi all,


      Battery Vs super capacitor. Sounds simple, but the replacement of battery into super capacitor is happening in a full speed in a lot of applications. When I briefly studied them Both have its own pros and cons,(Size,capacity,charging and discharging rate,life cycle etc...).I want to know others opinion also. Is it possible to replace battery with super capacitor in coming years ?

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          I feel it will be possible to use super capacitors instead of batteries for special applications. Devices that are not size sensitive and run on very low currents may already be good candidates particularly for situations where routine charging is available. This is made possible by switch mode power supplies which can take a varying voltage input and provide a stable output voltage to power a device.


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              I think that there are some Silicon Labs STK evaluation kits that use super capacitors for RTC timekeeping and RAM retention in deep sleep. They are "small", since only used for RTC timekeeping, but do have the advantage of recharging in a split second when connected to the PC.

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              Road maps are being developed and yes, over the years, the Super Capacitor will take on more and more roles of Batteries. Keep an eye on the Farnell site for the new Hybrid Lithium Capacitors soon to be launched with ultra low Self Discharge and being of high density design, could be ideal for a growing number of power management applications or even supporting Battery powered products.

              The road maps include higher working voltage, lower Leakage current and higher density.

              This year alone EDLC manufacturers have seen many more applications, in all industry sectors,@ moving to Super Capacitors for Pulse management,. power droop, last gasp, RTC back up. With advanced technology, such as the 3v EDLCs (and 6v modules) these offer extended life time and reasonable LC when de-rating.

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                Yes certainly although we're currently very immature in our knowledge of supercapacitors.


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