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    Compute module 3 How do setup audio for headphones/speakers & volume control?


      Completely new to electronics (come from a programming background of c#) so forgive me I'm slow on things. I've been currently creating a circuit board for a personal project I started end of University.


      I have 2 objectives with my audio:


      1) Allow audio to play through a speaker which then mutes when I plug in headphone plug into 5-pin jack and plays through there.

      2) Use potentiometer to alter the volume level effecting both sources.


      Now I've been following the tutorial for making audio work for a Pi Zero W using a 3.5mm jack (Source:  TwinkerNut - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pXB90IDNoY)

      And have got the circuit he created all setup in Eagle both on schematic & circuit boards and have it setup so it will eventually connect into a SODIMM connector for the Compute Module 3..

      I've looked at amp op circuits using 3.5mm male plug with power source  to a speaker as well as it using a potentiometer but I've not seen anything online so far on how to do it with female jack and I've looked at differential op amp circuits but still electronics being new to me its hard to make head or tails of the stuff.

      I've also looked online reference the muting of circuits for headphone / speaker but it doesn't exactly go into detailed steps as they assume you already know electronics.


      Does anyone know how or can direct me to somewhere I can learn to complete this objectives?