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    Problem with integrated SVN function


      Hi there.


      I would like to use the integrated SVN function.

      The project is added to the SVN with success.

      If i make a right mouse click to the "project\version control\commit whole project", there comes the check in window.

      All parts of the project are included.

      Now i fill in some text and click ok.


      -> A dialog box shows with the following note:

      "svn.exe: invalid option character: 3       Type 'svn help' for usage"


      If i checkin spare files, it worked properly.

      There is one schematic file which generates these error.

      If i remove that file on "commit whole project" the checkin is running properly, too.

      File name of the file: "-30V_StepUp.SchDoc"


      Is there a bug included in svn support?


      Greetings, Bjoern