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    Messing with a Sanyo DMP-600 MP3 Player


      I've had this device since it came out and I love it, a little too much if the cracks in the corner of the case are anything to go by.  And it died when the battery refused to charge (mainly because it's gone the way of Lithium Ion Polymer Batteries and puffed up).  So I opened it up to try and replace the offending cell and managed to defeat the glue and unplug it and now it works like a memory stick in my computer, but nothing else.  But I'm unsure what to replace the failed battery with.  It's a 3.7 volt but refuses to mention the amperage, or current so I don't know what to buy and can't find out anything online.  You wouldn't believe how hard it was to even find the attached Service Manual.


      And it's sitting here in pieces anyway.... what if I boost the memory from it's functional 487Mb by adding a USB or Micro SD?  Or up the power capacity for longer times between charges?  Could I fiddle with the internal software to increase the recording fidelity (Radio & Voice) from it's current 128kbps MP3 to something more like 320, or FLAC, or both?  What about designing and printing a new case?  And how would I go about achieving all or any of this without resources (though I could probably find somewhere local for the printing as my library did a 3D printing thing a while back and probably still has it knocking around), or skills needed.  I did a little electronics course, (WOW!) 24 years ago but I remember almost nothing from it.


      At the very least, I'd like to not fry it by getting the wrong replacement battery.


      Any thoughts or advice?