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    CircuitStudio Support - 'How-To' Videos


      Hello All,


      We've released some CircuitStudio How-To videos, here's what we have so far:


      1How to download and activate your CircuitStudio licenseHow to download and install CircuitStudio then signing in with your email / password and checking you have your license.
      2How to create polygon pours and internal planesQuickly pour a polygon, define layer and net and learn how design rules influence the polygon connection style (thermal reliefs etc). Internal planes are edited as negative layers, adding lines and other shapes leaves gaps in the copper allowing the creation of split planes.
      3How to Create a ComponentCovers schematic symbols, PCB footprints and attaching 3D models. Learn how to make fully purchasable parts by using supplier links. Advanced topics such as multi-part components are not covered.
      4How to Start a New ProjectLearn how CircuitStudio organises files into projects and how templates can be used when creating a new project. Recommendations include establishing design rules before launching into the design itself. Demonstrates how rules checking can highlight errors on the schematic.
      5How To Keep Organized with Multi-sheet DesignsCovers flat and hierarchical multi-sheet designs and the use of ports to connect up between sheets. More advanced topics such as repeated blocks are not covered.
      6How to Utilize Cross-Probe, Masking and HighlightingCross probe between schematic and PCB with either continuous or jump mode. Also covers filter mode to browse through a list of PCB objects. The demonstration shows a split document window to view the schematic and PCB simultaneously, for those with multiple monitors you can also tear off a document and move to a second monitor.
      7How to Compare DifferencesHow has a design changed? Find out using the comparator tool.
      8How to RouteInteractive routing demonstration including push & shove and ability to route differential pairs. Loop removal is covered, an easy way to adjust existing routing without having to first rip it up. The integrated auto-router is briefly mentioned.
      9How to Create and Edit Your Board ShapeDemonstration of editing tools and the best practice of also defining the outline shape on the Keep Out and Outline layers to help when generating manufacturing data.
      10How to Setup and Route A Differential PairCovers setting up differential pair definitions on the schematic, passing through to the PCB and establishing design rules that influence how the traces will route.
      11How to Navigate The User InterfaceCovers the ribbon menu, panels, shortcuts. Not covered in this short introduction are full coverage of dockable / floating panels and multi-monitor operation.
      12How to Create Keepout ObjectsHow to draw keepout objects and the different betwee global and layer specific. Layer specific keepout objects are not included in manufacturing data such as Gerber and ODB++.
      13How to setup design rulesLearn about rule categories, creating new rules and setting priorities.
      14How to Generate ClassesClasses allow the logical grouping of objects which helps when defining targeted design rules.
      15How to Setup and Route Differential PairsThis video will cover how to create, setup rules, and route differential pairs
      16How To Find and Place ComponentsThis video will cover some basics on how to find and place components in your design
      17How to use version controlThis video will cover how to setup and use the built in version control in CircuitStudio
      18How to Reuse Output Documentation SettingsThis video will cover how to reuse your output documentation settings, such as gerbers, drill drawings and so on.
      19How to Configure Your BOMThis video covers how one can configure their BOM document to their specific needs
      20How to DimensionThis video goes over the different dimensioning types and how to access them
      21How to create Schematic & PCB PrintoutsThis video covers how to create schematic and PCB printouts
      22How to Use the Selection FilterFind out how to use the selection filter in CircuitStudio

      How to manage Layer Sets

      Discover how to create, edit, and remove layer sets in CircuitStudio
      24How to Create a 3D PDFDiscover how to create a 3D PDF of your PCB to send to your colleges, or employer



      We will continue to add videos as they're done, so stay tuned!


      Alexsander Tamari, Altium