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    My Bachelor boxes


      To any who can help,

      I have a project in mind and was hoping someone could help me get it off the ground with some helpful insight. I am getting married in 2019 and I want to send out these boxes to the groomsmen as a way to say "hey your a groomsmen". The thing is I want to incorporate a bit of electrical circuitry into the boxes. My idea is that when the box opens up a song of my choosing will play. Now from what research I have done I have found that I want in general is a switch, SPST N/O, to activate the song when the box is opened. I want a DC power source but not sure on the specs it will be required to have. Next I was looking into speakers and it looks like Thin speakers are the way to go instead of piezo buzzers because I was more than just one tone. This brings me to my next issue, storage. I wish to have a song play when the box opens but I don't know how to store that info in the circuit so the speakers knows what to play. The box is 10in wide by 10 3/4 long and the song is about 2 min long. Any help with this project would be greatly appreciated.