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    Please help, My arduino project is at a standstill :(


      Hi guys and gals,


      I hope everyone is well, I hope to get some help on my code for a project I am doing. I have done alot of research and i am still stuck and dont know what the F. im doing

      I have tried for days and I just don't am not getting anywhere. I am hoping someone might know the answer.


      Some background first

      My Current project is a Wall Computer with Arduino controlling the Fans, LED Lighting from 2x Arduino Unos and 6 ONEWIRE sensors.. these usually calling a onewire code into your code.

      These sensors are really bulky and cannot fit them close to the cpu and other sensitive areas.. whereas the NTC 10k sensors are almost paper thin.

      I have found some cool projects and the guys let me use their code. sadly I cannot find them anymore and I am completely stuck,

      My Coding ability is very poor, and I can kind of link areas together but adding stuff is really way over my head. I have tried to learn but it's like learning a spoken language.


      So basically I would like to replace the onewire sensors and use a thermistor instead.. and I have made several attempts and got nowhere,

      Dont get me wrong, when I follow the arduino tutorials I get it working but usually with a RED, GREEN, BLUE which doesn't work for me..


      I have found a part of my code that might be important to explain what ive found hoping someone can explain it further

      I need help with understanding this bit of code, you can find it as LINES 79/80 if opening my text file in notepad++ etc..

      for (int i = 0; i < 9; i++) { // we need 9 bytes

      data[i] = ds.read();


      Now, "i" above seems to be directly linked with the code at the very bottom, found on LINES 95 to BOTTOM

      I have learnt this by changing all values such as "h", "s", "v", "i", to "h1", "s1" and so on.. anyways the LED lighting in my code stops working until I update the "i" to "i1" on lines 79/80.. those 2 lines above.


      I think the code at 95+ is the hue controller, makes the colours display.. I am sure its important to keep..

      unless anyone knows how to replace that code with a simple from BLUE (cold) to RED (hot)


      I have attached 2 txt files, My code, and an example thermistor code..


      I really someone here has time to help, this is the last step in my project and would forever been in your debt.