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    New!! The Book Giveaway Continues: Pics, Pics and More Pics of TI Power Supply Design Book by Robert Mammano


      A few weeks ago, I launched the TI Power Supply Design Book Giveaway. I was given 5 books to giveaway. All you have to do is  write a blog on the topic of TI power supply design and post it in the Texas Instruments Group (where this document I am writing resides.) Here are some suggestions of potential blog topics:


      • Choose a TI power supply product and tell use why you chose it for your design.
      • Tell us why you should win this book
      • How has TI helped you learn more about power supplies
      • What power supply design resources are you most interested in obtaining from TI


      I took a few random and quick shots of the inside and outside of the book. Here they are. (Don't forget to write your blog!!! I'm giving you till Monday, Nov 13th. )



      The free book on my newly cleaned up office desk since I moved last week.

      I was quite amazed by hysteresis when I first learned about it in school.

      The buzz word of the 21st century--efficiency. Well it started long before 2001.

      The colors make the difference.

      Digital Power is not new -- read on!

      This book has a chapter on magnetics design.


      The illustrations are great!