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    Some overlay lines disappear when updating footprints


      Hey guys


      I've been trialing CS for a few weeks now - I have a bug I can't seem to find anyone else mention.


      When I update a footprint in my PcbLib and push it to my PCB ("Update PCB with xxxx") the vertical or horizontal overlay lines may disappear. It's not just a rendering problem as the lines are not present in 3D view or on the Gerber outputs either.


      PCB Library footprint


      How it appears on the PCB - note the lack of horizontal lines on the DIP8 component and also the lack of vertical lines on C1 also caused by the same bug.

      This is effecting a lot of my components, but not all of them. E.g. C1 (pictured) is bad, but most of the other capacitors using the same footprint are OK.


      Please advice if there is a workaround or bug fix planned or if you need further details.