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    PCB Templates


      I have recently moved to Circuit Studio from Protel 99SE and am mostly enjoying the extra features while not having too steep a learning curve as it's quite similar to my old system.

      My only real issue is that I've lost the old Protel PCB wizard which used to generate a template for my PCBs with our logo, board name, date, revision, etc,. etc..

      I have looked extensively through CS's various menus and settings and, unless I'm wrong there is no way of making a new PCB with a template showing the same information as before.

      Am I wrong? Is there some way of generating templates for PCBs?

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          Hey John, I have an answer for you but its a bit of a work around as its not in the software as of now. To create a template to CircuitStudio this is what you'll have to do:


          1. create your project you want to use as a template

          2. give the project, sch, and pcb files the same name (file extension can be different)






          3. save these files here: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Altium\CS\Templates\PCB Projects

          4. add to the "PCB Project Templates.ini" file in the same folder as step 3


          using step 2 as an example we would put an entry into the INI as follows





          Title= My custom project template

          Description=Starter PCB w/title block, Schematic with Titleblock, Project with options set.


          (you can also add an EMF image of the same name if you want a visual preview)


          5. Restart / open CircuitStudio

          6. Create a new project : file>new project  Here you should see a custom category in the templates list


          Good luck.