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    help - troubleshooting an old scope


      Hi guys, newbie here, not sure if this is the right place, id appreciate directions to the right forum.


      I recently bought a used hp 54645A off ebay.


      It boots ok with no error messages, shows both traces and properly shows the square test signal.


      Theres one issue with it - the display seems to freeze  when i try to toggle vectors.


      After a hard reset the splash screen shows "PANIC - DSP COMMUNICATIONS TIMED OUT".


      Also - sometimes the display would boot up jumbled. I reckon the jumbled display is related to the freezes.


      no joy with the hp/agilent documentation, but i did get a hold ofo the schematics for the scope, here.


      Iv'e included some photos, hopefully they would make up for my non native/professional english.


      Has anyone seen this before? any usual suspects?