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    In Search of RoadTesters to Take On The All Programmable SoC (AVNET MiniZed RoadTest)


      I'm in search of a few more roadtesters who would like to experiment with the Avnet MiniZed board.


      What do you need?


      1. Got to be Clever.

      2. Inventiveness Helps

      3. A Thirst for Learning

      4. A love for Electronics

      5. A Wish to Say "Hello World"

      6. Beauty is not a requirement

      7. A knack for tinkering is preferred

      8. The ability to enter into the world of FPGA SoCs are pure magic.

      9. A Messy Benchtop

      10. A devotion to new technology. That's music to our ears.



      (Here's something you should know about the MiniZed: "The board aims to showcase the power of Zynq, where the Cortex A9 processor core integrates seamlessly with the programmable fabric to provide signal

      processing and control solutions."


      Sign Up for the RoadTest Here: AVNET MiniZed Dev Board