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    Are You An Expert in Point-of-Load DC/DC Converters? If Not, Make Plans to Join This Webinar on Dec 13th


      More and more devices need for multiple voltages at higher current levels. That's causing a change in the way power is run on a PCB.


      In the past,  there was a central power source where the line voltage was converted into regulated voltages which were distributed where they were needed around the board. But now point of load DC/DC converters are used; POLs have some added benefits.


      POL converters are small and placed near their loads, which improves performance.  They are non-isolated (transformerless), so they are smaller, and don't cost as much. Since they are near their loads, they run more efficiently.


      POL converters are used in microprocessors, GPS systems, and other electronic products. These applications require higher output current, faster transient response, lower output voltage, and tighter output voltage regulation than traditional power supplies provide.


      POL converters are often used in applications that require voltages of 3.3 V and below.


      To Learn more about the benefits of POL DC/DC Converters, sign Up for the Webinar: Achieving higher power density, efficiency, and voltage accuracy in point-of-load (POL) DC/DC converters