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    For Engineers and Students: Integrated Power Modules are Trending Now. Apply for this RoadTest to Learn How To Work With Them


      Power Modules play a key role today . They are supplies that are mounted directly on the PCB to power ASICs, DSPs, microprocessors, memory, FPGAs, and other digital or analog loads. These modules are commonly referred to as point of load supplies (POL) or point of use-power supplies (PUPS). Modules are extremely popular in high-performance telecommunication, networking, and data communications systems as they provide a number of benefits to a system.

      Discrete Power Supply



      Integrated Power Module


      Designers rely on power modules to speed up designs and optimize space using smaller, easy-to-use power modules. Their inherent advantage of integrating different power chips, circuits and sense, drive and protection functions into one sub-system with electrically insulated cooling has lead to a wide range of products, being different in size, power and function.

      The increasing number of electronic applications integrating power electronics makes one thing very clear: The power module market will continue to grow.


      To learn how to work with them, whether you are an experienced design engineer or a university student, sign up for this roadtest and get a chance to get a Power Module EVM for FREE:


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