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    STUDENTS/MAKERS/FIRST TIMERS: Need More Applicants for SWIFT™ Power Module EVM RoadTest


      I have only 8 applicants for the TI SWIFT™ Power Module EVM RoadTest: TI SWIFT™ Power Module EVM


      I'd like to get more applicants. I'm not sure if it is the upcoming holidays or something else that has depressed applications.


      I urge you to consider applying for this roadtest.


      If you are a university student who needs to learn more about power modules or a hobbyist who needs to expand her or his knowledge of electronics, I think this would be a good be a good roadtest for you.


      If you haven't roadtested before and would like to get some hands-on and easy roadtest reviews under your belt, so to speak, I would suggest for you to apply to this roadtest. Remember, I look at prior reviews when I consider recommending roadtesters to the supplier.


      Click Here to Apply: TI SWIFT™ Power Module EVM




      Randall Scasny

      RoadTest Program Manager