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    Supplier Insight: The Criteria Used to Select The Official RoadTesters for the E36313A Triple Output DC P.S.


      There were 90 applicants to the Keysight Technologies RoadTest: E36313A Triple Output DC P.S.


      As a whole, the applications ranged from no comment to a few lines to long, detailed compelling reasons why they should be selected and how they would roadtest the product if selected.


      How were the official roadtesters selected?


      My Recommendations

      After removing all the applicants' last names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc., I recommended 5 people with several runners up. I told the supplier that I thought there were many good applicants.
      I based my selections on whether the roadtester is in good standing (completed prior roadtests and/or write a compelling application. (If an applicant wrote an application that said "choose me, I want to learn more," I did not recommend that person. I did recommend some new roadtesters because they wrote a good application. My selection was primarily based on what you wrote and the effort you put in it.

      The Supplier's Criteria

      The supplier reported back to me that it was difficult to make a selection because there were many good applications. The supplier considered everyone, not just my recommendations. (Yes, a new roadtester was chosen as an official roadtester.)


      The criteria was:


      • how thoughtful/thorough they were in how they would use the power supply
      • Whether they would appeal to the target customers
      • Whether their application catered to the capabilities of the E36313A


      I'm sharing this information with you just before I post the official selections. It sounds to me the supplier was very thoughtful in the selection of the roadtesters.


      If you were selected, my congratulations to you.


      If you were not selected, I would consider reflecting on the criteria the supplier used and improve your application.




      Randall Scasny

      RoadTest Program Manager