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    RoadTest Applications Must Be Written in English


      RoadTest applicants are global. They come from nearly every continent (I haven't gotten on from Antarctica yet) and every occupational level: students through experienced engineers.


      But a very small portion of RoadTest applications are written in non-English languages. Perhaps 1 or 2 percent.


      Most of our suppliers use English as their language of communication. German is second and French or Spanish is third.


      I surely don't want to disregard our non-English speaker applicants. But it's a matter of resources: I would need to get a translator in the language of our suppliers -- the ones who choose the finalists.


      So, at this time I'd like to announce that all roadtest applications must be written in English to be considered.


      If you have written an application in a currently enrolling roadtest in a language other than English and want to re-write it in English, please contact me at rscasny and I'd be happy to oblige you. (Past roadtests are done deals. Sorry.)




      Randall Scasny

      RoadTest Program Manager