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    Kinect 360 repair help


      hello everyone i have a kinect 360, and i have been using it for my robotics projects however one of my team member messed up with the wiring and connected 12volts to 5volt USB input. The device when powered with this configuration is now officially dead and I am no longer able to get any image.


      I rewired the connections and the green LED just keeps on blinking (which means that there is no power issue) but it does not connects to my system.

      I then made a teardown to figure out the problem however i did not see any fried components for replacements. I think there might be a problem with the motherboard but i was not able to detect the fault.


      If anyone can please suggest any repairs or discuss about the issue it would be a huge help.

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          Interesting, I have had a little bit of experience with giving devices... a little bit too much juice.


          My first steps would be:


          1) Find the exact model number of the Kinect (usually written on it)

          2) Find a Schematic for this model so you know what you are looking at.

          3) Open it up

          4) Follow the power line in from the USB and check for damage.


          If its power in general, a good designer would put some sort of over power protection into the circuit, this could be some sort of Power control chip or Diode, a Fuse of some kind or maybe it is part of the USB controller chip.


          Make educated guesses on the components that are in line and see if you can replace or Identify the fault as you follow the power deeper into the device.



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              i did searched for the schematics however found none, i have ordered a separate on e for my projects though and will dig some more for the schematics or hacking the components to use the camera separately out of the box.


              Thank you anyway i will contact you if i find something.