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      I am a Software Engineer who develop in C#, vb.net and Java, SQL Server, Oracle, SQL Lite, my Sql


      What I should know to start working on IoT projects


      what is basic requirement to get a quick kick start

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          Hi Rajesh,


          You have the basic software experience, so what you need now is how the embedded processors work in IoT.


          The easiest entry is probably the Arduino, put there is also the TI 430 processor and the Cypress Semiconductor PSOC 4000 series.


          I think you will find them all very capable systems to begin with and they have excellent software support.


          You should take some basic electronics courses, plenty of them on line, and then assess if your IoT projects are going to need a real time operating system.


          You should find all of these topics online.


          Feel free to post questions here on Element 14.  There are plenty of makers here who are just learning like you or have done advanced projects for many years.


          Let us know what we can do to help.



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            I like to learn by doing a real example. Choose a simple application like connecting a temperature sensor to the cloud.

            Pick a popular platform like arduino, Raspberry Pi, PSoC or MSP430 and a temperature sensor made for the platform. Small platforms will have an easier time using a simple IoT protocol like  MQTT so learn how to implement MQTT from examples on the net and try it yourself.

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              what is basic requirement to get a quick kick start

              I've always found that a specific task/project along with a deadline is a great motivator.


              DAB has given a couple of boards, but there are plenty of others that fit the IoT concept.

              Many of these are very low cost, so this should not provide a barrier to starting.



              My biggest obstacle (apart from spare time) is the software side.



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                Can we communicate with the devices already available in marketplace such as Healthcare, Automobiles, Agriculture, and Home appliance etc.


                These devices are already programmed and are collecting and posting information to cloud or LED displays



                So what are options left for new comers to add value in existing market products OR create a entirely new idea.


                Mostly we can find lots of products already available commercially

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                    One (not-so) secret is APIs. All the best solutions have them.

                    As you say, you can monitor and control existing devices, make decisions and do new things. This is done through APIs. It is how you can take (say) traffic information, and weather information from existing traffic and weather sensors, and use it to build your own system that organizes taxi drivers better in bad weather conditions at peak traffic locations (for example) by sending them alerts to their vehicles.

                    It is an important feature of IoT, it offers M2M communication. See here for some ideas: The Features of IoT

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