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    Arduino Wave Shield

    Kaylee Herbert

      Hi All,


      I have an idea for a project and it would be great to get some advice and tips.


      The idea started out as a project for my newly purchased Raspberry Pi zero but the more the idea developed the more I found myself going back to my very basic knowledge of the arduino.


      I want to make a movement activated, pre recorded voice.


      I have purchased the ardunio wave shield for the sound bit and I have a very basic motion sensor and a speaker.


      I also bought a mic but discussing with a friend they suggested to pre-record my message using my laptop microphone and then transfer it over to the shield.


      What do people think?

      Have I gone down the right path for the project I want to build?

      Is this project a bit too complex for a novice?


      If you have any links to youtube videos etc please comment below!


      The first mission of mine is to learn how to solder as the wave shield isn't pre made.



      Kaylee :-)