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    hydroponics project


      Hello guys ! I have this hydroponics project and I would like to build this underwater probe. I would like some suggestions, please. The most important thing is that is has to be arduino based. Second, I have to transmit both power and data with the same cable. On one end of the cable should have the arduino and 12v power supply, at the other end it will be the camera, the h bridge and 2 dc motor. What sort of cable should I use ?

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          Hi George,


          We need a tad bit more information.

          How much current are you planning to draw for the 12v supply?

          How much current are you needing for each motor?

          At what frequency are you going to use for data transfer?


          Selecting the right cable requires that you understand what you are running through the wires.

          Do you need twisted pairs of wires for noise isolation? 

          Does it need to be water proof?

          How many wires do you need in the cable?


          There are many options available, but not all will meet your needs.


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            Hi George,

                DAB  has covered most of the questions that I have except how long the cable has to be and will it be tied to a fixed location underwater or will it have to move? If the location is fixed flexibility may not be a factor as it would with a movable device. Length can change many things as longer cables have more cross induction and may need isolation between the data and motor driver lines.