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    Library Managment?


      Could some one explain to me how the library management works in Circuit Studio?

      I just downloaded the demo and I cant find any parts I need.

      Can't find any thru hole parts, like simple stuff , resistors, caps, they'll all smd.


      This looks like a good piece of software, coming from a Kicad, Eagle background.

      But It's a deal breaker if a I can't find the components I need.

        • Re: Library Managment?

          It can be a little disconcerting when first starting with CircuitStudio, it can appear there are no libraries. However there are really lots of components on hand. When first installed there will be a couple of libraries containing basic components, "Miscellaneous Devices.IntLib" and "Miscellaneous Connectors.IntLib". There is also the Online Vault accessed under File > Vault Explorer. Downloadable libraries are available from https://designcontent.live.altium.com/ and you can even import Eagle libraries using File > Import (as with any CAD translation process always check the results so you don't get caught out).