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    Adjustable Dual Polarity Power Supply


      Im looking for DIY kits or schematics for a  Adjustable Dual Polarity Power Supply

      I know about the LM317/LM337 setup but i wonder if there is something better than that, so far i haven't found anything useful

      I don't really need high precision or super specs, just a hobby supply to revive my old interest and skills in electronics

      Please advice

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          Hi Flemming,


          There are schematics (and board CAD files as soon as I upload them - let me know if you need them anytime soon) for a dual-rail supply here:

          Building a Linear Power Supply Module

          It is fixed voltage, but can be made adjustable by swapping R2 and R6 out for variable resistors (and put a small resistance in series with them too).

          If you need some help figuring out the values, let me know.

          It is only a 200mA dual rail supply, or optionally 3-rail.

          I created it for future op-amp and headphone amplifier projects, so it was intended to be a fixed rail supply.


          If you wanted something with through-hole components, there is nothing wrong with a LM317 supply by the way, it will still serve you well.

          I have an old homemade LM317 supply myself (I used a couple of LM317, for dual output), and I still use it.


          Photo here next to a paperback book for size comparison. I didn't do a great assembly job.


          Also if you search for jw0752 content he has blogged about some power supplies he has constructed, so you can see some ideas for how to build them.

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              There's loads you could do to make it more interesting than just an LM317/LM337 based supply depending on how flexible you want your supply to be.


              For example, if you want to increase the efficiency you could create a switching regulators for the positive and negative rails and then use the LM317/LM337 as a post regulator smooth out the output by rejecting the switching noise.


              If your output will be a symmetric voltage then you could experiment with something like a flybuck topology to generate the +ve and -ve rails from a coupled inductor placed in the usual output inductor location of a standard buck converter. Again use the lineatr regs as a post regulator to smooth the output.


              There's so many choices you could make which would make a fun power supply build. What are your required specs for this?


              Best Regards,



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              Maybe you can check out

              Hiland DIY USB Boost Single Turn Dual Power Linear Regulator Multiple Output Kit


              available on many sites...although it is more of a DC-DC converter.

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                Hi Flemming,

                What are your current resources. Do you have a source of parts. To build a dual bench supply you will need a transformer or two, some way to rectify the AC from the transformers secondary, a filter capacitor to smooth out the rectified current and then you will need a circuit to control the voltage and current to your outputs. Finally  you will need the extra touches such as  a case, Volt and Amp meters, power switch, power indicator, and output jacks. Building a power supply from parts and available kits and circuits can be fun and rewarding. Start putting your concept together on paper and then begin to collect parts and solve problems until you have built what you want.


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                    Thank you for the reply.

                    I am ahead of you


                    I got a 2*15 V, 0.5 Amp. ring transformer, 1 amp. rectifier bridges and large capacitors ( might be too big ), the case would be part of a 3 unit high 19" rack case from Shcroff

                    so must of the exterior is sorted

                    Volt and amp. meters is necessary, not sure what i use, depend on the space on the front panel.

                    The concept is just about planned, even a multi funktion power indicator.


                    I have been looking around at other homemade power supply, one thing is a puzzle to me, why do you all use small knobs for your adjustment, it's much easier to control with a BIG knob.

                    The most important part is missing -the regulator circuit

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                    Hi John



                    A very fine "box" you put together there. Looking good on the inside too.

                    I do agree with your thoughts on that -why reinvent the wheel again.


                    I might have used a different layout on the front, placing the units on top of each other instead of beside each other, that would have made room for bigger knobs

                    I found those boards too and along with some other interesting kits, still waiting for delivery.