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    How to learn IoT from zero ?


      Hello gaes.


      I'am a college student, I want to learn about IoT, what should I know first.
      i am now learning about arduino and c ++.

      Thanks all.

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          There is a lot of general information on the web about IOT.  Try searching for "IOT primer" or "IOT tutorial".  This is a good starting point.


          Having an interest area (like IOT) is a very good way to guide your education into a meaningful area.  With a future goal in mind, a lot of the topics that you face in school will have a thread to attach to, helping you maintain and form the knowledge that you acquire. 


          Good luck! (and keep asking questions)

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            Hi Miski, Its a good Question rather Let me explain IoT in brief From a learning prospective first.

            IoT is a concept Which includes an Embedded System OR a Computational system Added with a Communication System to connect the Computing system to Internet as a bare minimum Requirement. You could have Sensing System, Battery System and many more.


            That being said, When you are learning about Arduino You are actually diving into the Embedded OR Computational System part of IoT. Which is a mandatory Thing to learn. I am glad you chose Arduino as it is the far most easiest thing to learn.


            Secondly, You should start learning about Communication Systems, 3 Most widely used for IoT are the Ethernet , The WiFi and The BLE. You can start with any of them to get started. Luckly there are Arduino shields for all three which are nowadays not very expensive to get you started.


            After all the above mandatory requirements are met you may start with learning about Sensors, etc.


            A good place to learn about all the above is Adafruits Learning platform, Sparkfun's Learning platform and .finally YouTube .


            Happy Googling,

            and you can follow me on youtube and blogspot for some project Ideas and my upcoming Tutorials.

            youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC98erU8wYeEA-VqmTA9etNw?view_as=subscriber

            Blog : Technervers.blogspot.in

            My Web : gsgill112.github.io



            GS Gill

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              Everybody has a different approach to learning and what works for them.

              I like to learn by doing a project. It really forces a certain level of learning, and it ends up with something that works.

              If this is your style, you could try to connect a sensor to the internet  using an arduino and an MQTT broker. There are lots of examples to help guide you in such a project. If you blog about it on this forum, the members here will help whenever you get stuck.

              With a project like this, you would be motivated to learn a bit about MQTT and arduino programming, sensor interfacing and iot.

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                Be sure to always keep security in mind for IoT projects whether that is learning and developing, or actually implementing, because most of the industry does not take a serious look at security. This always creates all kinds of very bad flaws and vulnerabilities. If we ever hope to have a bright future with IoT, we must push the industry to work harder on security.