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    Pi Desktop - control power by button


      Hi all

      I have Raspberry Pi3. I want buy Pi Desktop and connect it with RPI3 and add mSata hard disk SSD. I use it for home automation application. But i have a problem becuase Pi Desktop has own POWER BUTTON. And one problem which i have before buy is that after lost POWER all RPI3+Pi Desktop no start automaticaly when POWER come back. I must click on POWER BUTTON.

      Is any chance to configure this to when power lost and when power lost RPI3 worsk , and then when power come back to RPI3 + Pi Desktop start automaticaly ?

      Rpi3 without Pi desktop start automatical but power adapter is connected to RPI3 but when use with Pi Desktop powerd adapter is connected to Pi Desktop(and power is transport also to RPI3 by GPIO or USB)


      I need have auto start rpi3+pi desktop because it is use for home automation and when it not start auto , when power lost and come back my home automation control stop working. But when i am away home i can not power On it by button.


      Please help me.