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    National sales website down forever ?


      The sales websites ie uk.farnel.com no.farnell.com etc etc do not respond and as not responded for quite some while now.

      They are all served by akamai.net it seems.

      Since there doesn't seem to be any changes on the horizon i guess i'l need to order somewhere else.

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          Hi Kim


          Your second URL works for me.

          Your first URL has a missing "L" in it.



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              Yea, they where kind of examples, you get redirected to the national sites that all have the same pattern of xx.farnell.com where xx is the 2 letter national code....


              But thanks for the response, it got me thinking in alternative paths.

              What threw me of where the fact that the site behaved exactly the same on two different systems, one Linux the other Windows same browser though (Waterfox).

              It seems that some of the tracking cookies had gotten twisted around in very weird ways, clearing out the specific cookies from, in my case, no.farnell.com seems to have cleared the problem.

              And having grabbed the tail of the problem i think i see the origin, it might have happened after i degraded the latest and (not)greatest upgrade to Firefox.

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