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    Op Amp Voltage Follower for audio signal


      I'm trying to design an Arduino based intercom system.  I want to stick with the Arduino as a "brain" for the unit.


      I'm using an Adafruit microphone to capture the audio on an Arduino without a problem.  But I'm trying to follow this instructable to get the audio back out.  The voltage at the output of the resistor ladder DAC is looking good, so that part of the circuit is working well.  I can't, however, get the op-amp the author mentions, as it's now obsolete.  I've tried a few different op-amps rather randomly, and I can't get a voltage follower that gives me the audio back out.


      Is there either a better way to do the DAC (with what chip), and/or what chip should I use to build the voltage follower?


      Thanks in advance