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    Schematic Symbols


      Is there a way to create schematic symbols that group pins of a large component into manageable sub-symbols for schematic entry?

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          That is standard procedure with something like a dual and quad opamps so I guess you would draw sub symbols and name them for example IC1a, IC1b, IC1c, and so on, and place the appropriate pins accordingly.

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            Also, to clarify the command you will use to do this.


            From the Schematic Library access the Tools tab of the ribbon and you will see the New Part and Remove Part buttons  .  New Part will add a secondary part to the symbol and will be given its own workspace to draw that part of the overall package.  This creates the A,B,C or 1,2,3 for the part so it can be placed throughout a schematic hierarchy easier, or to split by function.  On the SCH Library Panel your component should now show multiple parts

            Since each part has its own workspace, click on the Part you wish to edit here to access the workspace for that piece.


            They do as you would expect, they can be placed throughout the hierarchy, and when you go to update PCB they will all inform a single footprint's connections.


            I would not recommend taking something like a large connector(25+ pins) and splitting a component into individual pins for each part(i.e. a 25 pin connector split into 25 subparts), I have seen this done and it will cause a major performance drag within the schematic as the pin and part count increases due to the way we cache multi part components within the schematic.  Always better to have a good grouping of pins in the event of a large pin count item that needs to be split.  In the event you need to work with a large connector where you may be swapping pins around a lot, instead it is better to configure the connector for pin swapping, and label the nets.  This way you can swap pins as needed even in PCB, and synchronize the net changes back to the schematic for the connector.


            Also important to note, Remove Part will prompt you to make sure you actually want to remove the part, but the important bit is that this action cannot be undone, so do not delete part of a package unless you are sure you want it gone.


            Hope that helps

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