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    Rrechargeable AA batteries for pi portable?


      Hello guys, i have a very basic understanding of electronics, but don't know much about batteries. So i figured, why not ask element 14's community?

      I want to make a raspberry pi portable, and already have some stuff set up.

      I am using a raspberry pi model B (yes i am using the rbp 1). And a cheap screen, this is like a 5" screen i got from a Chinese website, it uses around 515 mA when in use. Now i am using retropie and have made a controller that i connected to the gpio pins, i used pigrll (i don't remember the name exactly, it was code from adafruit). Now, as far as i remember the pi uses +- 500mA, this means that this device will use more than 1A. The problem i have is that I need to power this device with some sort of battery. I first thought of a cheap power bank, but the trouble is that most of them can only deliver 1 amp, and i once took one apart, (to use in another project) and accidentally stabbed the battery! This is why i would not like to use one of those again. So I thought, why not use some rechargeable AA batteries, i was thinking of buying four, 1200mAh generic batteries and using these. I was thinking about using two in parallel and two in series. And use a buck/boost converter to bump the voltage up to 5 volts.When i want to charge them, i just take them out and stick the batteries in one of those chargers. There are a couple of reasons i want to use this approach. I am rather scared of using other batteries with custom charging circuits and so on, apart from that, the adafruit ones are hard to buy here. Now, i did some research and found out that the voltage of these batteries drops but apparently the raspbery pi can actually use voltages as low as three volts, only the usb devices won't work, but that is no problem, as i won't use any.

      My question is whether this is a good idea, and whether these batteries have auto cut-off to pretend over dischagre.


      Kind regards,