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    API documentation




      I'm programing Excel based API access and I'm missing any complex API documentation. The one provided on https://partner.element14.com/docs/Product_Search_API_REST__Description is barely usable for basic usage. Mainly I would like to know:


      - where to get list of ns1:commodityClassCode and list of its ns1:attributes

      - web page display recommended alternatives, if product is not manufactured anymore - is there any way to get same list from API?


      Did anyone get somehow those information and could share them please?


      - prices and price-breaks on web and in API response are different - eg. FarnellID 1510719:


      web shows:





      and API response:





      When we order, prices on invoice are same as on web page.


      Anyone had same issue please? Was it resolved? Problem is not the higher price on web, but inconsistency between invoice and API price.


      I will be pleased with any help!