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    Code formatting issue


      Hi, I've been creating a RoadTest review that contains the following text.



      #include <xdc/runtime/System.h>

      #include <ti/drivers/I2C.h>

      #include <ti/drivers/i2c/I2CCC26XX.h>

      #include "board.h"

      #include "board_lcd.h"

      #include <math.h>


      When I format this code as C++ (which I notice I can't do on this form for some reason), if I then edit the page at all, rather than simply creating the review, the entries with < in are removed from the < symbol to the end of the line, as in:




      #include >

      #include "board.h"

      #include "board_lcd.h"



      My guess is that it's something to do with escaping that < symbol until the end of the line, but I've not been able to find a workaround other than either not formatting that text, or make inserting that section of text the last thing I do!


      In in case it helps, I was using Safari as the browser.


      Hopefully this will enable you to recreate the issue, and hopefully solve it too!


      Many thanks



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          Hey Alex,


          Sorry to hear you're having this issue. Someone from the Dev Team (dudley.nelson, mcollinge) should be able to confirm, but from what I can tell the  syntax highlighting is not properly replacing the < > with the HTML entities. I was able to recreate this issue on a regular document, so it's not specific to road test reviews.


          The quick and dirty work around would be to go into the HMTL editor and use &lt; and &gt; instead of < > respectively, i.e.




          Which would show up as...

          ... even after you edit it.


          I'll put in a dev requests to see if we can get a proper fix!

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