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    Pi Desktop: How to open it again?


      I am pretty happy with my Pi Desktop. Everything is working. But there is one thing that I am worried about: I did not manage to open the case again. I might need to do this at some point in the future.


      I followed the official instructions to assemble the Pi Desktop. Everything was fine and I heard the "clink sounds" described in the instructions at step 9. I did not install any additional hardware (i.e. no camera and no mSATA SSD). I did this without applying much force.


      Now, when I try to open the case again, I try to pull the top flap by grabbing the small handles on both sides (see the image below).


      The handles that I suspect are meant to be used to remove the top flap.


      But when I do this, the top flap does not budge. It sits very tight. Is there something else I need to consider to open the case again?