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    A Hello from an Electronic Novice


      Hello, my name is Nathan. I'm very excited to join this community because I've been thinking of majoring in electrical engineering. I figure that I enjoy doing math (as of right now I'm in calculus 2) and I'm interested in electronics so electrical engineering only makes sense. I'll be honest though, I have a very basic knowledge when it comes to electronics. I understand how to solder, use a couple of equations, and use certain passive components.  Putting different components together to create some type of circuit without following a schematic is beyond me, but I'd love to learn. I have some ideas for projects, but as mentioned before, putting the pieces together is beyond my knowledge. I'm hoping by joining this community I'll; learn more about electronics, receive answers to various questions, and see if electrical engineering as career is for me. I'm very appreciative towards anyone who can help me with these goals or who can give me some insight on what it's like to be an electrical engineer. If there's something I can answer or help with, I'm more than happy to help, although I'm not sure how much help I'll actually be able to provide. Thank you