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    Issues with footprint in an Integrating Library (not found)




      I'm creating an Integrated Library with all the components I'm planning to use in my current designs.

      I was able to create many components (symbol + footprint + 3d model) and it works fine. However, I'm having an issue with one of the components which is a uC with a QFN-32 footprint.

      I created the symbol and since I already had another IC with the same footprint in that library, I tried to use same one for the uC. Everything works fine while I'm working in the Library (open as a project), meaning I can go to the symbol and edit the footprint and check everything is fine.


      Problem is when I compile the Library, and check the component from the Library window, selecting the uC only shows the symbol but not the footprint, like the footprint is not in the library. However, selecting the other chip, shows both the symbol and footprint, so the footprint exists there but for some reason the library doesn't find it for the uC. Again, opening the symbol from the Library editor, shows everything it's fine.


      I would appreciate any help.





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          Hi Gus, not sure why you should be having this problem. One thought is that you may have defined a path for the footprint and so it works before the library is compiled but is not valid once trying to use.

          If you still have issues then please feel free to contact me directly.

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              Having similar issue.  I am importing a design from CircuitMaker.  I was able to load in the design SCH and PCB from various instructions found on the internet.

              The problem is that I cannot make additions to the layout from copying an existing component in the SCH.  As documented in various places, CircuitStudio does not have a connection to Octopart, and I have made many parts and footprints and I don't want to repeat this work.  So I want to use the existing parts already in the PCB.  I found instructions that explained that one can copy all the components from an existing PCB and copy them into a PCB Library, which I did.  When I copy/add an existing part in the SCH, and then try and import that change into the PCB, the error is "missing footprint".   However the footprint does exist.  And the library is loaded, in the search path, part of the project, etc.  But CircuitStudio cannot find it.


              1) Selecting a capacitor...

              SCH editing, this is a capacitor, notice the footprint name

              2) Try and view the footprint, unable...

              When I try and show footprint, it cannot find it

              Note this form is READ ONLY - and I don't know how to change that.  This schematic was imported from CM.  Note the PCB Library section says use "CommunityVault".  By using the part Inspector, I am able to change that library name, but any name I choose does not solve the problem.  Specifically I changed it to "PcbLib1" to match the project library.

              3) Note the footprint IS IN THE LIBRARY...

              Footprint is in the library

              4) And finally note that the capacitor is in the layout that was imported as shown here. 

              capacitor in layout


              The problem is that if I copy C100 in the SCH and make a new one, say C123, when I attempt to import that into PCB, the error is "missing footprint".