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    turning a robots head towards your voice


      Just as the amazon echo has an led ring that points to the source of your voice, i would like to drive a stepper motor that turns the robots head.


      As this would require a far field microphone array, i have found two boards that offer this functionality


      The respeaker microphone array



      the matrix creator



      So although

      I have basic arduino/rasbPi experience, I have no real hardware expertise. The speaker would require purchase of the core unit as well so it would be somewhat more expensive. But I do not know how to compare these two hardware platforms.

      Has anyone any familiarity with this hardware?

      Has anyone seen this problem solved before (so I dont need to reinvent the wheel)?


      I have investigated 'homegrown'solutions using individual mics whose signals are compared and using phase differences to determine a direction(the mic closer to the sound source gets the signal sooner). However, this is not accurate when identifying a sound impulse and requires a continuous or repeating sound.