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    Moving Tabs


      So I started CS yesterday and made a new project with Schematics and PCB.  Then I tried to drag and drop the tabs to the order that I wanted.  And that feature is gone somehow.  It shows that I am dragging the tab but then it doesn't move when I let go of the mouse button.  Is anyone else experiencing a similar glitch?

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            Found a work round.

            If you right click the tab you want to move and open in new window, it opens in a new window. OK.

            You can now drag this to the other window you intended to move it to ie your other screen and close the redundant window.


            I think this is a bug in CS.


            I get many crashes ie the "please wait a moment" box when recompiling intlibs. almost every time.

            I've used Altium for 10 years in previous job and there were always little niggles. "please wait a moment" was very common. There was one where if you created a poly on an internal plane ( I know you shouldn't but I forgot it was a plane and not a layer) it corrupted the pCb design and you had to carefully navigate the mouse to save the pcb as ascii and re-open. If the mouse pointer went onto the design it crashed






            Sorry: This only worked once! I can't reproduce it.