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    Eagle files, Custom PCB, Prototyping linux console


      I'm pretty new to using eagle, but was wondering if anyone had files for a DDR3 RAM module, 120 pins laptop specs(yes just the module)? As well as GTX or AMD laptop sized graphic cards, and a snapdragon 860 mobile processor.


      now for one of the 2 projects, I'm considering a portable console, I'm aware ill have to direct mount the chip set for the GPU, to get around having to integrate it.


      I can source most hardware components, but would may need to design a custom board for it. unless there is already a board that can out preform most available consoles.


      also a mechanical qwetry keyboard would be nice which would bd tthe hard part to source,

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          I would like to make a portable console running a touch screen version of Linux, I'm wondering if i can use an existing board, like a beagle board. or Asus thinker board. Preferable running 16 GB SO DIMM  DDR 3(8 GB X 2), I don't mind designing the board though.but would prefer to use an existing board.


          I can use the controller remapping diagrams to mount to it, if given the proper interface. Would love to ruin a 128 GB ssd drive.


          i would need help connecting the split controller directly to the board though.


          Could anyone give me ideas for that?