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    NigelB in Basingstoke


      Hello Element14 Community


      Although I nominally joined this community 6 years ago, I have barely touched it... now I aim to get a bit more involved.


      I am one of the founder members of Basingstoke Makerspace, as well as recently initiating The Things Network Basingstoke Community - I have a LoRaWAN gateway running, now I just need to develop some nodes and back-end applications using it!


      I am a professional chartered engineer, a member of the IET and the IEEE, and a STEM Ambassador in my local community.


      I work as an RF and Microwave Hardware Design Engineer, but also have some Embedded Design experience (mainly PIC-based). But I would like to expand my experience of Embedded control (I have started looking at mbed) and other computing such as Python. I would also like to get familiar with KiCAD, as in my professional life I have used PADS, more recently Eagle, and now find myself having to learn to use Altium 18. I would also like to increase my experience with MPASM and XC-8 using the MPLAB IDE.


      But most of all I want to be making things, and developing useful stuff to use for STEM activities - and get involved in running some courses and workshops in my local Makerspace.


      I would be interested to hear from, connect with and network with like-minded engineers, scientists, mathematicians, crafts-folk and makers in my vicinity and beyond.



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          Hi Nigel,


          I think you will find many makers in the membership.

          Take a look at the Project14 challenges if you need some inspiration on projects.

          Road tests and Design Challenges can provide you with opportunities to learn new equipment and make more exotic projects.


          So get involved, ask questions and join in the fun.



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            Welcome (back) to the community.  There are a lot of friendly and helpful folks here, so getting help here is pretty easy.  Ask questions, read through some of the tutorials (on all kinds of topics) and most of all enjoy learning and sharing with others.