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    Video upload problem

    Dudley Nelson

      Hi a_davis_22 ,


      I'm reaching out to you about the issues you've had with uploading a video. e14phil asked me to take a look at the issue you had with the video you tried to post in Automatic Dough Shaper Blog #3 - Pi Chef Design Challenge.


      Firstly I'll introduce myself. I'm a developer on the element14 website and amongst other things, I'm responsible for all the code for embedding and uploading video on the website. I'm quite used to investigating issues with uploading video - the single most common cause is dubious internet connection. Because I occasionally have to look into issues with video, I have the servers doing a bit of logging so I can see the status of things as they go. The logs are pretty spartan by default, but there's enough there to trace what occured.


      However, I've had a look at what happened to you and I can't work it out. the issue you've had is unusual, in that there is almost nothing in the logs for your video. I can tell you have uploaded something because there is a video record for it here: Automatic Dough Shaper - lamp control - and that video has a subject and description, so you must have been presented with the form that allows you to name it and give it a description - which only happens after the upload has completed.


      However, the file that you uploaded should exist on our servers, but it doesn't. From my side of the fence, this is why it's failed. We have data about a video we have to process, but the file is missing. This can happen occasionally, when an end user has a browser crash or sudden loss of internet - but in those instances an end user has no chance to give it a name or description. And you have. So... I'm really confused! Something has occurred here that I'm not getting my head around.


      You say in your post that you had problems uploading the video - can you describe to me what happened from your perspective?


      Thanks for any information you can give me


      And if you have any questions on getting the site working for you, I'm sure I can help with those too