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    Suddenly cannot print anything except the BOM


      I've been working on a design for a week, and everything has been going well. But now, suddenly, when I tried to print another set of SchDoc and PcbDoc PDF's for the client review, it defaults to printing the BOM and never prints the other files. I've tried altering all the output configuration options I can find and nothing changes.

      I've tried "unchecking" everything except the SchDoc's from the Home/Project/Generate Outputs, but it seems to have no effect. Still prints the BOM.

      I'm unable to uncheck anything in the Project/Project Options/Default Prints. Once it's checked in that particular dialog, it stays checked.

      I tried closing all unecessary files in the project panel, and rebooting the computer, and nothing changes. It will print nothing but the BOM.


      Help, I'm stuck on this one.